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New Energy Systems Services launches repair-kit for ScheutenSolar solar panels

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New Energy Systems Services launches repair-kit for ScheutenSolar solar panels

In February 2013 the Dutch food and consumer product safety authority (NVWA) referred with an official warning to the fire danger at ScheutenSolar solar panels. This warning was called out by a Rapex (Rapid Exchange of Information) notification to all members of the EU. It concerns the ScheutenSolar solar panels with the type designation Solexus on the junction box. This junction box contains a printed circuit board with a positive and negative pool which, under certain circumstances, becomes too hot. This can cause failure of the solar panels and even possibly a roof fire. Because of the bankruptcy of ScheutenSolar, owners and installers of the conscious panels can no longer contact the manufacturer for repair of the solar panels.

New Energy Systems Services had developed a repair-kit which can remedy the defects of the ScheutenSolar solar panels. The repair may only be carried out by professional solar installers. The accredited notified body KIWA tested the repair-kit based on a test program that is tuned and agreed by the NVWA. The French accredited notified body CertiSolis (part of the French CSTB) has tested and certified a repaired ScheutenSolar solarpanel based on the applicable NF-EN standards.

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New Energy Systems Services has developed a repair-kit whereby the old printed circuit board including the (external) connection cables are removed and replaced by a new modified printed circuit board. The connection between the new printed circuit board and the external wiring is done with standard MC4-connectors. The repair-kits will be produced by a certified IPC-specialist (IPC7711/21). The repairs can be carried out by professional solar installers ‘in the field’ (even on the roof). The required time is about 15 minutes per panel. The repair-kits will be delivered with a manual with a detailed description of how the repair needs to be done. To guarantee a safe and sustainable repair, you should follow this manual strictly. New Energy Systems Services can not be held responsible for incorrect or careless repair.

Manual for repair

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